Norton Summit

The Access issue with the Norton summit cliff has been an ongoing one AND IS DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO BEING LOST. The mining company which owns the land has allowed climbers access out of their own goodwill. There are however a few conditions which were agreed upon in order for climbers to maintain access. Most of these conditions are simple and straightforward and usually adhered to. The majority of these conditions are written on the sign at the base of the track. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE SIGN if you haven’t done so already.
If climbers do not follow the rules agreed to, the mining company can simply ban us from climbing on their land, no questions asked. It is in our best interests to follow the rules, tread lightly and maintain diplomatic relations with the mining company and the neighbours in the area. It is a privilege for us to be able to climb at Norton Summit, not a right, so let’s do the right thing and maintain access for all climbers. It is really that simple. Here is a brief overview of the conditions for climbing at Norton Summit.
•   Climbers’ cars must be identified with a CCSA membership card on dash (available at meetings or see joining page for more information).
•    No being at the crag base or climbing before sunrise or after sunset.
•    Do not litter or leave rubbish (this includes cigarette butts). If you find some rubbish, take it down with you.
•    No climbing on the upper cliffs during the peregrine nesting season (1st July – 31st November). Climbing near actual nesting sites is forbidden at all times of the year. ‘Please refer to the detailed topo regarding peregrine nesting sites and avoid these areas. Peregrines are as rare as good steep rock in the Adelaide area – so let’s preserve both. Climbing in the Lower Cave and
Hole is allowed all year. Do not enter the quarry under any circumstances.
•    No excessive noise or loud music.
•    No New bolts are to be added to the cliff (only replacements).
•    If planning on climbing on the upper cliffs (i.e. Not the Cave or the Hole), please get permission from Manfred Heide (83901851).

You can download a copy of the Summit Guide from 2005, please note access conditions may have changed and this document may be out of date. If in doubt check with a local climber. 2005 Norton Summit Guide

The Bachelor Pad guide was last updated in 2006. 2006 Bachelor Pad Guide