Norton Summit

Norton Summit is Adelaide’s premier sport climbing area but also one of the most fragile areas in terms of access. It is extremely important that all climbers are aware of the Norton Summit conditions and follow the rules accordingly to ensure continued access.

The rules are located at the base of the track that leads to the cliff however they are also summarised below:

  • All climbers must be members of the CCSA and a sticker or membership card must be displayed on the dash of the climbers car
  • No climbing or being at the base of the cliff between sunset and sunrise
  • No littering (including cigarette butts), please take rubbish with you
  • Do not enter the quarry under any circumstances
  • No excess noise or loud music
  • No new bolts (only replacements)
  • Climbing is prohibited on the upper cliffs.

Access issues at Norton summit cliff have been ongoing and access is sensitive. The mining company that owns the land has allowed access to climbers out of their own goodwill but we must adhere to the rules (again located at the base of the track). The mining company can ban us at any time so following the rules is in our best interest. It is a privilege, NOT a right.

Climbing at Norton Summit is banned on all total fire ban days – severe, extreme and catastrophic fire danger. When checking the fire danger rating, ensure you are using the Mount Lofty Ranges district.

Treat the summit with the utmost respect.

The summit has a high concentration of hard sport climbs; grades start in the 20’s. For those considering taking their indoor lead skills from the gym to the summit need to be aware that gym skills don’t necessarily reflect the outdoors.

See the Rockclimbing around Adelaide guidebook by Paul Badenoch and Luke Adams for more information, available in outdoor stores and online.

You can download a copy of the Summit Guide from 2005, please note access conditions may have changed and this document may be out of date. If in doubt check with a local climber. 2005 Norton Summit Guide

The Bachelor Pad guide was last updated in 2006. 2006 Bachelor Pad Guide