How to start rock climbing in South Australia

Congratulations first of all, you’ve shown an interest in what we think is pretty much the best sport in the world.
Historically, learning to rock climb has meant that you must find someone willing to teach you.
These days, it is a little bit easier.
Rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport; an awareness (and acceptance) of the risks involved will be crucial to your enjoyment of the sport.
Learning to rock climb is a two- step process as listed below.

Step 1 – Get some experience

Visiting the climbing gym or attending a rock climbing outdoor experience will develop your interest in climbing and you’ll learn some of the basics of climbing. An outdoor climbing session will also help you safely and comfortably maneuver on rock faces. Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time for step 2.

Step 2 – Book a top rope workshop

Top roping is a common way to climb outdoors on real rock. A top rope workshop will teach you how to set up safe anchors at the top of a climb to climb on. Top rope workshops provide skills and knowledge to climb outside (not qualifications). It may (and most likely will) take more than one day to be confident setting up your own anchors.

What you need to bring to an outdoor climbing session:

  • Solid shoes
  • Active wear
  • Sun protection
  • Water
  • Food
  • A camera
  • A back pack that goes over both shoulders (preferably)
  • A friend (not essential but its more fun with friends)
  • All climbing gear and first aid is supplied however you can bring your own equipment (to be inspected by guides)

Some more information

Approach both climbing and your guiding sessions with a good attitude for safety. Climbers are a friendly community and we want to see you enjoying the sport.

Climbing experiences and sessions

Rock Solid Adventure

Ph: 0488788538

Alternatively you could Google rock climbing workshops

Gear Purchase

Paddy Pallin Adelaide

228 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
Ph: 8232 3155


134A The Parade, Norwood, SA, 5067
Ph: 8223 5544


Vertical Reality Climbing

Route Climbing
Address: 12/560 North East Road, Holden Hill, SA, 5088
Ph: 8266 4090

Vertical Reality is Adelaide’s only route climbing gym where you can learn the basics of climbing.