Waitpinga is a beautiful sea cliff located near the bluff at Victor Harbour. The sea cliffs are predominantly sport climbs with some trad climbs.

Access to Waitpinga is via two methods:

1) Access via the Carmichael’s property. This access is closed in winter for lambing until August. If you are accessing via the Carmichael’s property you must contact the Carmichael’s prior to arrival. Further requirements for accessing via this method can be found in the guidebook or via the Waitpinga March 2010 guide.

2) Access via the Heysen trail. This method is open as long as the Heysen trail is open.

Please note there is no camping on the property.

Lower-offs/rope length:
The updated guide highlights rope length as an issue and points out a variety of routes whereby a 70m cord may prove useful. However, some detail is lacking with regards to lowering off Achilles Gambit/BoB lines – as a 60m will definitely NOT reach the ground.
Solution? Again – the guide will be updated to reflect an interim lower off point for these routes (i.e. the True North Easy anchor).

See the Rockclimbing around Adelaide guidebook by Paul Badenoch and Luke Adams for more information, available in outdoor stores and online.