New Members-enabled CCSA Website

After many months of work by the CCSA committee, the new website has arrived. It might not look like much on the surface, but a lot has happened in the background, and the new site now supports user registration and member logins. Anyone can now register to receive email updates from the CCSA, as well as unsubscribe themselves if they wish. Registered users and members can now update their own details. Anyone can now join the club online, and members can rejoin when their membership expires. Both registered users and members can see their current membership status (if any).

With the increasing membership base and limited volunteer time the committee decided to implement the changes to make administering of the membership much easier in future. Mailouts will now be much more targeted, resulting in fewer irrelevant mailouts and the burden of work on the Treasurer should reduce considerably.

All in all the system should be a great improvement on the old manual way of doing things.

The new shiny CCSA website

The new shiny CCSA website

Please try it out, bear with us while any remaining issues are sorted out, and report any anomalies to