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Historical photos from the last 50 years wanted!

The CCSA are interested in collecting a gallery of photos from the last 50 years (and before, if you have any) of the climbing in South Australia, and by South Australians. If you have any photos (in electronic form) that are entertaining, historically significant, or represent an achievement by a South Australian climber, then we would love to get it up on the website.

You can find the Gallery page here.

Wanted: CCSA/South Australian Alpine Achievements

As an extra to the CCSA 50th Anniversary Doug McLean is compiling a record of Alpine Climbing done by CCSA or South Australian climbers. Anyone who would like their Alpine climbing included please email Douglas McLean. If possible include details in Excel (or CSV) format with headings – Date (month, year), Mountain, Height, Location, Route, Grade, Climbers, Style (alpine, solo, 1st ascent, commercial expedition).

Note that the email link above was in error before Monday 17/7/2017, so if you sent anything to Doug before then, it would not have reached him and he would greatly appreciate it if you would resend it. It has now been fixed.

NZ 1970-71_0026

NZ 1970-71 Doug McLean collection

Securing the Club’s website

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed a recent change to the website – there is now a little green lock in the browser’s address window:SecureThis indicates that all data flowing from your browser to the website and back is now encrypted, and safe from any cracker trying to steal personal information. If you notice anything amiss, such as broken links, please contact us at web.

New Members-enabled CCSA Website

After many months of work by the CCSA committee, the new website has arrived. It might not look like much on the surface, but a lot has happened in the background, and the new site now supports user registration and member logins. Anyone can now register to receive email updates from the CCSA, as well as unsubscribe themselves if they wish. Registered users and members can now update their own details. Anyone can now join the club online, and members can rejoin when their membership expires. Both registered users and members can see their current membership status (if any).

With the increasing membership base and limited volunteer time the committee decided to implement the changes to make administering of the membership much easier in future. Mailouts will now be much more targeted, resulting in fewer irrelevant mailouts and the burden of work on the Treasurer should reduce considerably.

All in all the system should be a great improvement on the old manual way of doing things.

The new shiny CCSA website

The new shiny CCSA website

Please try it out, bear with us while any remaining issues are sorted out, and report any anomalies to

Reel Rock 10 – Wednesday 14th October at 7:00pm


It’s back! In its landmark 10th year Reel Rock 10 features exclusive premiers of short films by Reel Rock co-founders Sender Films and Big UP productions that tell the stories of the most exciting vertical action from the past year. From big walls to big movies, and featuring athletes Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson, Alex Honnold, Daniel Woods and a special tribute to the late Dean Potter, this year’s tour boasts an eclectic program that will get you psyched!

Date: Wednesday 14th October
Time: 7:00pm (doors open 6:45pm)
Location: Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Tickets are selling for:
Members $18
Non-Members $20

Tickets are limited, so get in quick!

For more information:

To buy tickets:
Email Events with the number of tickets you require together with your name, and payment and pickup details will be mailed to you

Hope to see you there!

Norton Summit Revegetation

From The Club President:

Hi everyone, please note works on roadside vegetation on June 1st. The message as received below outlines the work to be carried out and future plans.
As you will also note our recent efforts as a club have been recognised, appreciated and I believe contributed greatly to maintaining access to the Norton Summit crag. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way, let’s keep up the good work.
My advice is for no climbing at Norton Summit on June 1, if you simply must climb there are plenty of nearby options, but please also consider turning up to help the locals and keep access to this area. Continue reading