Norton Summit Revegetation

From The Club President:

Hi everyone, please note works on roadside vegetation on June 1st. The message as received below outlines the work to be carried out and future plans.
As you will also note our recent efforts as a club have been recognised, appreciated and I believe contributed greatly to maintaining access to the Norton Summit crag. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way, let’s keep up the good work.
My advice is for no climbing at Norton Summit on June 1, if you simply must climb there are plenty of nearby options, but please also consider turning up to help the locals and keep access to this area.
Adam Clay

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Pizey’s Knob revegetation

Hi Adam,

My name is Mack Wilson from Old Norton Summit Rd, manager of the recent revegetation works under Pizey’s Knob.

Thank you for your organisation of the recent clean-up and for keeping an eye out for non CCSA climbers.

This email is just to introduce myself and to let you know about some upcoming works and potential support from your climbers.

 Works – interruption to parking for climbers:

Sat. June 1 10:00am:

 Many of the street residents will be gathering on the site to get rid of the blackberry by rugging up and rolling it down the hill.  This is likely to cause some parking problems for climbers as some of the residence may park their vehicles with equipment.

In order to not upset your climbers, you may wish to inform them of this work.  If any of them want to help with Black Berry removal, we would more than welcome them.

Native Planting:

We are planning the planting in July, August but are yet to set a schedule as we need to finish cleaning the site.  After speaking with a number of CCSA climbers, they have expressed interest in helping out.  We would more than welcome there help.

If OK, I will let you know closer the planting dates in case you would like to inform your members.

Thank you again for helping to improve the site and we welcome your support.

Kind regards,

Mack Wilson