Waitpinga Access Issues

Once again the many are at risk of losing access due to the actions of a few.

We have absolutely no right to be making demands of Alister as far as access to Waitpinga through his land is concerned.

Yesterday someone arrived at the gates to Alister’s farm and called asking for permission to drive through. Alister said that it was not ok unless the person had a diesel 4wd due to fire risk. The person concerned became angry and abusive towards Alister.

They then walked in from another location and became distressed (lack of water and heat I think) and I believe fainted. This then resulted in Alister receiving more abusive phone messages.


We are there by Alister’s good will.

The process is you call at least one day before to check.
You follow all requests for access on the day. You close all gates that you open along the way and you stay to the track, giving way to animals.
If you don’t like the access conditions as stipulated by Alister on the day, or you can’t get in contact with him YOU DON’T GO IN.

This is private property, you have no god-given right to be there. If you are underprepared because you didn’t call or didn’t think in advance enough to take adequate supplies it is your own fault.

There is no excuse for abusing Alister.